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Product overview

This product is an explosion-proof electric heating product developed by our company by introducing advanced foreign technology. It is also called explosion-proof electric heating rod. It uses special high-temperature insulating parts as framework, nickel chromium wire as heating element and carbon steel or stainless steel as sheath. The product has low surface heat load, long service life, safety and reliability, high efficiency and energy saving. The heating element is of flexible structure, which can be bent flexibly. The storage tank does not need to be emptied when the element is replaced.

Product features

1. Solid structure, durable and compact, explosion-proof, sealed, high insulation, high bending strength. A variety of structure and installation methods for users to choose

2. The surface load is low, the heating is uniform, and the energy transfer rate is over 100%, which has significant energy saving effect. There is no running, emitting, dripping, leaking and noise pollution.

3. Automatic operation, no need for routine maintenance.

4. Replacement of heating core does not affect normal work, does not need to empty the storage tank, convenient maintenance.

5. Long service life, built-in overtemperature protection device, linked with control circuit, can prevent accidental dry burning and effectively extend the service life, with a shelf life of 2 years.

Parameter configuration

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