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Talent concept

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In the process of enterprise development, Dongfang Electric Company's enterprise value of "taking morality as the foundation, innovation as the soul, performance as the honor", adopts the employment mechanism of fair competition, absorbs all kinds of talents suitable for enterprise development, and persistently implements the talent strategy of "emphasizing, cherishing, cherishing and using talents".

Talent selection

The recruitment mechanism with equal emphasis on morality and talent: "the combination of morality, ability and diploma", "strict entry and wide exit" and "employment of the most suitable talents" will form an introduction system combining internal and external recruitment, and absorb all kinds of talents at home and abroad suitable for the development of enterprises.

Using talents

The employment mechanism of fair competition: take morality as the foundation, embody our value with innovation and performance. We will strive to make every employee respected and recognized by the company. We are committed to creating a fair, just and open employment mechanism and creating an equal, competitive and selective employment environment.


The education mechanism of lifelong learning: learning is the starting point of employee progress, and training is the basis of enterprise development. The company follows the principle of "developing both internal and external training" to carry out staff training, and enhance the value of employees forever. The hierarchical training of employees can give full play to the guiding force, incentive force and cohesive force of corporate culture, advocate the concept of lifelong learning, create a learning organization, and constantly improve the quality of employees and give full play to their potential. Focus on the cultivation of good character, loyalty to the enterprise, strong sense of responsibility, innovative ideas, excellent performance, strong enterprising spirit and dedication, team spirit.

retain talents

Create a fair competition incentive mechanism for talents and a relaxed and trusted working environment. We should retain talents from competitive salary and welfare, working conditions, training and development opportunities, career channels, good cultural atmosphere and long-term incentive.