Air duct electric heater

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Product overview

The air duct heater is mainly used for air heating in the air duct. The specifications are divided into three forms: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. The common feature in the structure is that the electric heating pipe is supported by steel plate to reduce the vibration of the electric heating pipe when the fan stops. The over temperature control device is installed in the junction box. The low-temperature type can be directly installed on the air duct, while the medium temperature type and high-temperature type have a 100 mm thick insulation material between the outer wall of the channel and the junction box of the heater due to their different structures. On the one hand, it can reduce the external heat dissipation of the whole channel, on the other hand, it also reduces the temperature in the wiring chamber.

Product features

1. Large heat dissipation area and high thermal efficiency

2. The design is reasonable, the wind resistance is small, the safety performance is good, the heat is uniform, and there is no dead angle of high and low temperature.

3. Double protection, safety performance.

Parameter configuration

1. Heating air, used for heat treatment, drying and vulcanization of various substances, with a maximum air temperature of 500 "C

2. For heat treatment

3. For reheating and dehumidification;

4. As the heating element of oven, equipped with fan and channel, it can form forced convection air drying equipment.