Single phase constant power cable

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Product overview

The single-phase hot spot constant power electric belt has constant heat output per unit length, and the output power is not changed by the change of ambient temperature. The length of use is proportional to the power. It can be spliced at will during installation, but one generator (at least 2.5m) must be reserved. The outer braided layer has the function of heat transfer and heat dissipation, and can also be used as the safe grounding of anti-static. Generally, it needs to be used together with the temperature control system.

Product features

It is suitable for antifreeze of pipeline, valve and pump body, and can maintain or maintain the process temperature of instrument pipeline. The maximum maintenance temperature is 150 "C. It can be used for explosive gas occasions in plant area 1 and 2. For example:

1. The low freezing point medium pipeline used for continuous flow can avoid the solidification of medium due to stop flow.

2. Antifreeze of water pipe, valve, drain pipe, water pumping pipe and condensation pipeline in cold area.

3. Anti freezing and thermal insulation of coastal well platform pipelines, general pipelines and instrument pipelines.

4. Heat tracing and heat preservation of small and medium-sized equipment and tanks.

Parameter configuration