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Product overview

Mi cable is a special heating cable, which is made of alloy electric wire as heating core, high-purity, high-temperature, fused crystalline magnesium oxide as thermal insulation, seamless stainless steel as outer sheath, which is also called mineral insulated cable. This series of heating cables can meet the requirements of high temperature conditions (up to 60 OOC) and high heating power (up to 2 OoW / M). The conductor resistance ranges from 28000 to 19.20/km.

Product features

1. It is fireproof, flame retardant, and will not produce toxic gas, suitable for various explosion-proof places.

2. It has long service life and can be used for decades under specified conditions.

3. Good chemical stability and mechanical properties.

4. Low temperature resistant, easy to construct and maintain in winter.

Parameter configuration

1. Petrochemical industry container heating, process insulation pipeline, tank heat tracing insulation, wax removal and plugging removal.

2. Large area heating of buildings, heat preservation of warehouse, heating of agricultural greenhouse, etc.

3. Anti freezing measures for runway, playground, football field, TV Tower, culvert, valve, hub facilities, school, hospital, etc.

4. Deck anti condensation, cabin heating, fluid pipeline heating and insulation.

5. Heating and insulation of railway track and turnout