Circulating electric heater

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Product overview

Rqb-h circulating electric heater is forced convection by pump to make the fluid circulate between storage heater and heater to heat all kinds of gas and liquid. If the power, pump, pipe and heater are fully functional connected and have control components, it will be a circulating electric heater system. The integral skid mounted frame is convenient for mobile installation.

Product features

1. Solid structure, compact seal and high thermal efficiency.

2. The heating humidity of the second high temperature can reach 950oc, which can not be achieved by ordinary heat exchangers.

3. The designed heat load is very low, with multiple protection such as anti dry burning protection, and long service life.

4. It can be used in both ordinary and explosion-proof occasions. The explosion-proof grade can reach grade B and C, and the withstand voltage can reach 50MPa. Vertical and horizontal can be used according to the user's needs.

5. The system can realize automatic operation and daily maintenance. Through the circuit design, the automatic control of humidity, pressure, flow and other parameters can be realized, including OCS system control and man-machine dialogue.

Parameter configuration

1. Vessel material range: Q345R, 15CrMoR, s30408, s31603, s31608, n08800, n08810

2. Heating tube material range: s32168, s31603, 310S, Incoloy800, alloy600

3. Design temperature range: 50 ~ 800 ℃

4. Voltage level: 220V ~ 690V

5. Heating medium range: various gases and liquids

6. Heating core wiring mode "△" and "Y"

7. See PPT for product application