High performance electric heating tube series

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Product overview

This product is made of high-quality domestic thick wall seamless stainless steel pipe, high-temperature magnesia powder imported from the United States and sealing materials, so that the temperature resistance of the electric heating tube can reach 900 ℃, and the electric heating tube will not be damaged when it is dry burned in a temporary dehydration state; the high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the electric heating tube are improved by the 1060 ℃ high-temperature nitriding treatment process in the atmosphere protection black mesh belt furnace, so as to ensure the service life.

Product features
  1. Select high quality materials:
    Heating wire: select high quality high temperature alloy resistance wire (ni80cr20)
    Filling material: high purity crystalline magnesia powder is selected.
    Pipe material: according to the working condition, select high quality 304, 310S, 316L, and American imported Incoloy800, incone600 series and other stainless steel pipes.

  2. Adopt scientific and advanced technology:
    Full automatic winding: the heating wire is wound by automatic winding machine with uniform spacing and resistance error cluster of 0.01 Ω.
    Full automatic filler: the automatic filler imported from Italy is used to fill magnesia powder, and the filler is even.
    Automatic pipe shrinking: adopt advanced automatic high precision shrinkage machine, and the diameter error is less than 0.02mm.

  3. Using special processing technology: through the high temperature nitriding treatment at 1100 ℃, the moisture in the heating pipe and the stress generated in the processing process are completely eliminated。

Parameter configuration

1. The maximum length of single heating pipe is 11.6m

2. The maximum temperature of single heating pipe is 800 ℃

3. The voltage level of single heating pipe is 690V

4. The diameter range of single heating pipe is φ 12 ~ φ 12.5

5.The heating range of single wall tube is 25.1

6. The type range of single heating pipe is U-shaped, W-shaped and special-shaped