Electric heat conduction oil furnace

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Product overview

The electric heating heat conducting oil furnace is a new type, safe, efficient and energy-saving special industrial furnace with low pressure (under normal pressure or lower pressure) and can provide high temperature heat energy. The heat transfer oil is used as the heat carrier and the heat carrier is circulated by the hot oil pump to transfer the heat to the heating equipment. The electric heating heat conducting oil system is composed of explosion-proof electric heater, organic heat carrier furnace, heat exchanger (if any), on-site explosion-proof operation box, hot oil pump, expansion tank, etc. the user only needs to connect the power supply, medium inlet and outlet pipes and some electrical interfaces.

Product features

1. It can provide high temperature heat source below 350 "C, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%.

2. It can be installed close to the thermal equipment without special boiler room, which reduces the equipment investment, increases the safety factor, and has the characteristics of safety and energy saving.

3. Closed loop heating is adopted, which has small heat loss, remarkable energy saving effect and no pollution during heating.

4. The equipment structure is reasonable and complete, and the advanced explosion-proof structure is adopted, which can be used in the factory! The explosion-proof grade can reach grade C.

5. It has complete operation control and safety monitoring device, which can control the working temperature accurately, with high degree of automation, safety and reliability. It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, wood and paper making, plastics, asphalt and tar processing, rubber, food, textile, electroplating, acid (alkali) washing of steel and other surface treatment, drying and other industries.

Parameter configuration

1. The main equipment includes circulating heater, heat transfer oil pump skid, expansion tank and oil storage tank

2. Heating core material range: s32168, s31603, 310S

3. Vessel material range: Q345R, 15CrMoR, s30408, s31603

4. Control description power stepless adjustment