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Product overview

Product name

Product features

Heating mode

1、Horizontal spiral type

1、Horizontal spiral coil is a common coil winding method, which can eliminate thermal stress and thermal extension.

2、However, the middle part of the coil can not be laid, and the space utilization is insufficient, which will affect the uniformity of temperature field in the furnace, and the coil will be thinned and the structure will be damaged during bending.

3、Unable to drain by self weight.

4、The pressure drop is large.

Electric heating

2、Vertical spiral type

1、The vertical spiral type can also eliminate thermal stress and thermal elongation.

2、When the coil is bent, there will be thinning and tissue damage.

3、In addition, when the screw is too high, it will be affected by its own weight, resulting in unequal screw distance and uneven heat transfer

Electric heating

3、Vertical waist

1、The vertical waist type screw is a structure that combines the advantages of the vertical spiral type and pulls the vertical circular type into the waist type structure.

2、The straight pipe does not need to be bent, and there is no material thinning and tissue damage.

3、The condensate in the coil can be drained by self weight.

4、The pressure drop of straight pipe is small。

5、The thermal stress and thermal elongation can also be eliminated by sliding fixation

Electric heating

4、Horizontal or vertical tubular type

1、The tube type can make full use of the space and solve the problem that the coil cannot be arranged in the middle of the spiral type, and the uniformity is better.

2、However, the ability of self relieving thermal stress and thermal elongation is weak, which can be solved by sliding support

Electric heating

Product features

1. Straight coil structure, the coil form adopts multi coil parallel pipe arrangement, under any working conditions, the medium will not produce liquid in the coil.

2. Unique heating element design, the heating elements are distributed on both sides of the coil, the temperature field is uniform, and there is no internal and external surface.

3. The electric heating element can be replaced on line, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance.

4. The electric heating element is directly heated by SMM alloy wire, which is durable.

5. Safe and reliable heat preservation structure, module structure is adopted for furnace wall insulation, with small heat loss.

6. Large heat exchange area, small space volume, high heating efficiency and low energy consumption.

Parameter configuration

Coil parameters

1. Coil material should be selected according to working temperature, medium corrosivity and other characteristics,Common materials are: carbon steel pipe, 304, 321, 316, 310S, 800H, 600, etc.

2. Each of the four types has its own advantages and disadvantages, which one should be considered according to the specific working conditions.

Type of radiation heating element:

1. MgO heating tube bundle type

2. Bare resistance wire bundle type

3. Single resistance wire Z type or spiral type.

Two kinds of heating wires are commonly used: nickel chromium wire and iron chromium aluminum wire, which are selected according to temperature and working conditions.

Which type of heating element should be selected according to the specific working conditions.

Electrical control:

1.Select Schneider, abb, Siemens and other world-class brand components and control system to ensure the stable operation of the system.

2. The latest generation W7 high-precision Taiwan origin power regulator: ensure the regulation accuracy of temperature control, adopt the equal fraction zero control, and effectively control the generation of system harmonics.

3. The system temperature is fully adjustable and stepless power regulation mode: the power can be freely adjusted from 0 to 100%; the closed-loop temperature control system is adopted to ensure the control accuracy of the outlet medium temperature.

Siemens PLC control system: divided into local and DCS mode, users can choose according to their own needs, two modes can achieve perfect automatic regulation and manual power setting. Accept any communication protocol of the client for data exchange.