Electrical control cabinet

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Product overview
Product features

1. Simple operation and accurate control. Using expert PID control technology, the control accuracy is less than or equal to 1%. The thyristor power regulator adopts phase-shifting trigger technology to adjust the effective input power according to the temperature.

2. Fault alarm interlock: when the temperature exceeds the alarm value, the sound and light alarm will give an alarm and interlock with the power regulator to cut off the power supply automatically.

3. Safety protection: built in special fast fuse and automatic air circuit breaker, greatly improving the safety of the system.

4. Novel digital man-machine communication interface: realize man-machine dialogue through digital and analog input and output.

5. The use of Siemens, abb, Schneider, Omron, Huate and other international well-known brand electrical components, greatly ensuring the control accuracy and system safety and reliability.

Parameter configuration